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SaveWater South East’s aim is to increase the awareness of water as a finite resource and improve water efficiency across the 7.7 million households in the South East. We work with a range of key stakeholders including local authorities, housing associations, non-governmental agencies and community based organisation across the region. SaveWater South East provides advice and guidance on all aspects of water efficiency.


Here in the South East region we use on average 150 litres per person per day with the highest average at 161 litres per day. However we live in a water scarce region and with long drier winters becoming more common, reservoirs are not replenishing as fast as needed and the risk of drought (and flooding) is increasing. Water is supplied from a mixture of groundwater, rivers and reservoirs.

Whilst today in the South East we have enough water available, with the combined pressures of population growth (which means more and more people are sharing this limited resource) climate change and abstraction restrictions (in order to protect our rivers and water sources), we have to plan carefully how we can best meet future demand. The best way is to reduce water wastage.

The South East of England receives on average 730mm of rain per year, compared with 890mm across England and Wales. When we take population density into account, we actually have less water per person in South East England than many hotter, drier countries such as Greece and Portugal.

A recent report predicted that there could be a shortfall of nearly 800 Mega litres per day by 2039 unless action is taken - that’s equivalent to more than 320 Olympic sized swimming pools of water per day.

Water companies have a duty to supply water and are working hard to increase resilience and provide a good quality and reliable water supply whilst at the same time caring for the environment – after all, having a resilient natural environment forms the basis for sustainable water supplies.


  • Saving water can help you save money on water bills and energy bills (by saving money on heating water).
  • As the population increases, saving water ensures that there is sufficient water for everyone.
  • Conserving the water we have, minimises the effects of water shortages and helps build a better defence against future drought years.
  • Saving water now, helps to ensure a water supply adequate for future generations.

Reducing water waste also:

  • cuts the energy needed for treating and pumping water for domestic use
  • reduces carbon emissions and therefore lessen climate change
  • reduces the risk of both drought and flooding
  • protects the wildlife that live in and around rivers and wetlands

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